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Percussion instrument Rentals for Jingles, Records, Television and Motion Pictures Productions

Special Metal Effects

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SME100 - Artillery Shell

SME101 - Steel Spring

SME102 - Hub Caps

SME103 - Metal Pipe

SME104 - Metal Blue Canisters

SME105 - Metal Slit Drum

SME106 - Brass Tube

SME107 - Brass Shell Casings

SME108 - Brake Drums

SME109 - Single Aluminum Slit Drum

SME111 - Waterphone Brass Rods

SME112 - Static Whip

SME113 - Wah Wah Tubes

SME117 - Metal Chain

SME115 - Vibe Bar Metal Effect

SME116 - Saw Blades

SME117 - Metal Chain

SME118 - Rebar, Paired Nails, Plate Metal, Hollow Cylinder

SME119 - Carakei

SME120 - Metal Crasher

SME121 - Metal Grate

SME122 - Alo

SME123 - Rakataks

SME124 - Whippers,Beaters and Scrappers

SME125 - Metal Comb Scrapers and Beaters

SME126 - (5) Copper Pitched Coupling’s

SME127 - Chimta

SME128 - Burmese Temple Bell

SME129 - Fight Bell

SME130 - Graduated Bells

SME131 - Brass Finger Cymbals

SME132 - Brass Finger Bells/ Single Crotale

SME133 - Brass Clam Bells

SME134 - Brass Cone Bells

SME135 - Bronze Spider Bells

SME136 - Small Brass Finger Angklungs

SME137 - Inverted Suspended Tympani Bowls

SME138 - Small Earring Jingle

SME139 - Rotary Paired Brass Bells

SME140 - Assorted Individual Brass Bells

SME141 -Buzz Box

SME142 -Ribbon Crashers

SME143 -Bottle Cap Sistrum

SME144 -Metal Basket Drums

SME145 -Two Spring Hub Cap

SME146 -Single Metal Hub Cap

SME148 -Cymbal Tree

SME149 - Brass Rod Sound Board

SME150 - Suspended Metal Spring (5″diameter)

SME151 - 16″ Metal Ring (pitch ‘F’) Spinner or struck

SME152 - 3 Suspended long Metal Rods (pitched)

SME153 - Assorted Metal Effects

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