Percussion Productions Project Studio

Alan Vavrin Percussion instruments for Television and Motion Pictures Productions

Metal Plates and Sheets

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MP800 – Plate 12″x12″

MP801 – Raised metal Plate 12″x24″

MP802 – Plate#1 – 12″x16″

MP803 – Plate#2 – 12″x16″

MP804 – Raised Metal Plate 14″x55.5″

MP805 – Sheet-Cheese Grate 19″x22″

MP806 – Sheet-Perforated 48″x48″

MP807 – Sheet-Raised Bubbles 48″x48″

MP808 – Sheet-Thunder 33″x36″

MP809 – Sheet-Square Grid 36″x48″

MP810 – Sheet- Cheese Grate 16″x18″

MP811 – Sheet- Drag W/Holes 33″x36″

MP812 – Perforated Sheet 3’x6′

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