Percussion Productions Project Studio

Alan Vavrin Percussion instruments for Television and Motion Pictures Productions

Middle Eastern / Indian

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ME500 – GHUNGHURA Ankle Bells

ME501 – Bendir Hand Drum

ME502 – Chimta Metal Split Blade 32 Jingles

ME504 – Camel Bells (8) Graduated Bells

ME505 – Carakei (2) Pair

ME506 – Indo Drum (Cradled) Double headed

ME507 – Def Frame Drum Single Headed 2.5″x16″

ME508 – Doumbek (clay) 9″x13.5″

ME509 – Doumbek (Metal) Tunable

ME511 – Finger Cymbals (Assorted)

ME515 – Muzhar Large Tambourin 5″x15″ (Rosewood) Tunable

ME518 – Khartals (Sistrum) W/ Jingles

ME519 – Rig Double Row Jingles

ME520 – Tablas (one set)

ME522 – Tareyja Drum Single HEaded (ceramic)

ME523 – Tar Hand Drum 5.5″x12″

ME526 – Bell Tree #1 (wood stand)

ME527 – Bell Tree #2 (Metal stand) stand mount

ME528 – Bell Tree #3 (green stand) 22 Bells

ME529 – Brass Cone Shaped Bells w/ Clapper

ME530 – Brass Clam Bells 2 sets (rope cord)

ME531 – Wooden Bell w/3 Clappers

ME532 – Brass bells (on circular tree)

ME533 – Carved Wooden Bell w/clapper

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