Percussion Productions Project Studio

Alan Vavrin Percussion instruments for Television and Motion Pictures Productions


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C600 – Cajons (3) 12″x25″. 11″x22″. 9.5″x19″

C601 – Bata 5″x7″x20″ (double headed, hardwood)

C602 – Bata (Okonkolo) 8″x19″ AA Meinl

C603 – Bata (Itotele) 9″x25.5″ AA Meinl

C604 – Bata (Iya) 12″x27″ AA Meinl

C605 – Bata Set of Three (Okonkolo, Itotele & Iya) AA Meinl

C606 -Bass Cajon (w/ and w/o snares)

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