Percussion Productions Project Studio

Alan Vavrin Percussion instruments for Television and Motion Pictures Productions

Chinese/ Japanese (cymbals and small gongs)

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CC423 – 6″ Chinese Cha Cymbal (one pair)

CC424 – Chinese Wuhan Pasi Gong

CC425 – Chinese Wuhan Opera Gong

CC426 – Chinese Wuhan Opera Gong #2

CC427 – 12″ Raised Crown Wuhan Cymbals (one pair)

CC428 – Chinese Raised Crown Wuhan Cymbal

CC429 – Chinese raised Crown Wuhan Cymbal #2

CC430 – 13.58″ Chinese Wuhan (flair Rim) Cymbal (one pair)

CC431 – Japanese Ceremonial Cymbals (eight sets) varied pitches

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