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Percussion instrument Rentals for Jingles, Records, Television and Motion Pictures Productions


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AF800 – Djembe 18″ Goatskin Head

AF801 – Vintage Squeeze Drum W/Brass bells 10″x20″

AF802 – Pedal Rope Squeeze Drum Floor Model 9″x34″

AF803 – Ashiko Drums (5) Rope Tension on stand

AF804 – Gong Drums (3) Graduated drums

AF805 – Seed Pod Shakers (one set)

AF806 – Slit Log Drum

AF807 – Twig Thrasher (One Pair)

AF808 – Grass Thrashers (One Pair)

AF809 – KPOKO-KPOKO (Double End) Wood Rattle

AF810 – Sennpo Rackataks (One Pair)

AF812 – Udu Clay Drum

AF813 – Utar (Udu Like Clay Drum)

AF814 – Axate Gourd Shaker

AF815 – Tongue or Slit Drum

AF816 – Toke (Forged Bell)

AF817 – Aporo Two Pitch Double Bell

AF818 – Concoqui Bells (7 pitched Spirt Gongs)

AF820 – Bull Roars (2) Hand Crank Ribbon

AF821 – Sakra Clay Hand Drum

AF822 – Brekete Buzz Drum w/single gut

AF823 – Alo Hollow Long Gong Bell

AF824 – Slit Tongue drums Pitched( two sizes)

AF825 – Gello’s Metal Type Castanets

AF826 -Metal Crashers dishes

AF828 – Ksink-Ksink (One Pair)

AF829 – Round pods Shaker/Rattle

AF830 – Cocoon Shaker/Rattle

AF831 – Ghungroos (Ankle Bells)

AF832 – Indo Drum Double Headed

AF834 – Balaphone

AF835 -Wrist Bell Rattles

AF836 -Reed Thrasher Mallets

AF839 -African Clave

AF840 -Oghene Double Gong Bell

AF841 -Y- Bottle Cap Jingles

AF842 – Bronze Clam Bells

AF843 – Wood Sistrum w/ jingles

AF844 – Unas Goat Rattles

AF845 – Rain Gourd

AF846 – Squeeze Drum Strikers (2)

AF848 – Double Headed Gut Tension Drum

AF849 – Rukinzo Double Headed Gut Tension Drum

AF850 – Seed Pods (small) Waterfall Effect

AF851 – Tongue Drum #3 (four pitches)

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