Percussion Productions Project Studio

Alan Vavrin Percussion instruments for Television and Motion Pictures Productions

Mallet Instruments (pitched and non-pitched)

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M100 – Orchestral Bells 2.5 Octave w/ upper c# (Fall Creek)

M101 – 36″ Deagan Steel Marimbaphone)

M102 – Song Bells 2.5 Octave G-C Deagan

M103 – Marimba 4 Octave C to C Deagan

M104 – Bass Marimba 2 Octave C to C

M105 – Xylophone Concert 3,5 Octave Leedy

M107 – Vibraphone 3 Octave Deagan Gold Bars

M108 – Vibraphone 3 Octave Musser w/o motor

M111 – Crotales 2 Octaves Zildjian

M112 – Balaphone 20 pitches

M113 – Whale Drum (Medium) 10 pitches

M114 – Whale Drum (Large) 8 pitches Chromatic

M115 – Piano Harp Frame (de-tuned)

M116 – Pull Rods Chromatic 13 Pitches
M116 – Aluminum Bars (for effect) 15 Pitches

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